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We are a contract laboratory offering complete analytical services to companies that require analytical characterization of proteins, small molecules and other polymers. We support all aspects of drug discovery and development, ranging from analysis of research reagents to drug products. BBL has a highly trained and experienced staff that is able to develop and validate methods for comprehensive testing.We operate under full GLP/cGMP compliance and have contributed to many IND and NDA applications. Our most recent FDA inspections were on September 9, 2009, June 2, 2009 (unannounced) and June 11, 2007 (unannounced), resulting in no observations.
Finding a reliable partner in the research chemicals inductry is not easy. You want firsthand knowledge combined with a solid method, you need analyses based on hard facts, not assumptions. This is where Bay Bioanalytical Laboratory can be of great help with its proven capacity to conduct experiments under controlled laboratory conditions and present findings in the most accessible way.
Our lab is fully equipped to provide support during all stages of drug research, from basic design and discovery of new drugs to detailed testing and systematization of their biochemical properties. Staffed with brilliant minds rich with of experience in this field, BBL has the tools to develop reliable testing methodologies, accelerate your research project and provide you with a sound foundation for your scientific study.
You don’t have to take our word as evidence of our skill and professionalism. Bay Bioanalytical Laboratory is a fully registered organization that complies with all GLP/cGMP standards and has contributed to numerous IND and NDA applications in the past. Our facilities were subject to multiple unannounced inspections by the FDA, but no irregularities were found on either occasion. We can say with confidence that our customers including the major drug research company euro chemicals have never had any objections in regards to design and execution of our research projects, either. We hve also worked with companies such as etizolam.com testing etizolam brands from major manufacturers.
We invite you to learn more about our company and contact us directly with any proposition for collaboration in the field of drug research. Working with us could instantly boost your level of technical expertise and shorten your path to a big breakthrough.

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